10 Quick & Easy Organizing Hacks That Will Make a HUGE Difference

Keeping your home clean is one thing, but keeping it organized is a whole separate battle. We’ve created a list of 10 inexpensive organizing hacks that are quick, simple, and will have your home looking like the happy place for someone with severe OCD.

1. Keep Sheets Inside Matching Pillowcases

Put your folded sheets inside the matching pillowcase to keep all of your bedding separated and easy to find. It looks great in your closet, and you don’t have to worry about trying to perfect the fitted mattress sheet fold (which is nearly impossible anyway.)

organizing hacks

2. Use Ice Trays for Single Eyeshadows

There are many ways to declutter your makeup, but using the ice tray organizing hack will keep your makeup drawer looking nice and tidy, and make it effortless to find your favorite Cocoa Bear eyeshadow when you’re in a rush.

organizing hacks

3. Label Your Wires Using Bread Tags

Grab a few bread tags, label and attach them to their corresponding wire and avoid the hassle of going on an expedition through your jungle of cords just to unplug your fan.

organizing hacks

4. Create Drawer Dividers Using Cardboard

Before you throw out that old cardboard box, cut out a desired shape and size that you can place in your drawers as dividers. Now even your junk trunk can have some order. (Place decorative scrapbook paper in the bottom of the drawer to add extra pizazz.)

organizing hacks

5. Organize Your Scarves with Shower Rings

You can put the shower rings on a hanger, or on a metal bar in your closet. Hang your scarves from each ring for easy access when you’re rushing out the door.

organizing hacks

6. Empty Tissue Box for Receipts

As you accumulate receipts, they can start to take over your desk. Use an old tissue box to keep all your receipts out of sight. You can label the box by year or – if you’re a superhuman who stays on top of your finances – by month.

7. Stack Cans in Your Fridge Using Binder Clips

You can clasp a couple of binder clips to the small bars in your fridge to keep stacked cans from rolling around. This is one of my favorite organizing hacks because it allows more room in the refrigerator for leftovers!

organizing hacks

8. Double Your Closet Space with Soda Can Tabs

Pop off the tab of that Diet Coke, place it over one of your hangers, hang a second hanger from the tab, and BAM you’ve just doubled your closet space.

9. Organize Tall Boots Using Pant Hangers

When the lady at the checkout asks if you would like to keep the hangers, you now have a reason to say, “yes!” It’s already such a hassle trying to pick out what shoes will work best with that adorable new pleated skirt, let alone trying to find the other shoe once you’ve decided.  Use pant hangers to keep those tall boots upright and together.

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10. Labeled Platic Containers

Grab a few plastic containers and fill each one with a baking ingredient such as sugar, salt, flour, etc. Label each container, and wala, your pantry is transformed into an organized masterpiece. Creativity Exchange has adorable handwritten labels you can print off for free!

organizing hacks

Now that you are loaded with organizing hacks that are cheap and easy, head over to our blog and find out the secret to raising children who clean up after themselves. I would bring a pen and paper. You’re going to want to take some notes.